WSJ - Crowds Chase Scarce Housing Vouchers

Discussion in 'Economics' started by TGregg, Aug 16, 2010.

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    All I'll say is one glance at the people there to get the vouchers are people who don't work, won't work, and never will...
  3. Not very many white folks in that photo. Gonna need to get some token white folks in there pronto.
  4. But........I will bet both testicles they ALL have cell phones even though ten years ago they didn't need them. And fat calling plans for texting all their contacts ($70-$90 a month).?

    Maybe they are so busy they must have the phones?

    Probably smart phones.

    And plasma tv's.

    And designer shoes.

    But that's it! All else is poverty level. Well, cigarettes and the occasional 40 in a sack.

    But that's it! No frills!!

    And free healthcare for those rushed in for heat "issues".

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    Amazing World we live in huh? If there were 30,000 people there, and designer tennis shoes costing at least $130.00/pair, that would be $3,900,000 in just shoes alone.:eek:

    Now start doing the math on the cell phones, and Cadillac Escalades that were there.:eek: :eek: :eek:

    Only in America...:( :mad:
  6. there are a bunch of white people in that pic- they are the one's standing around keeping order and giving free money away to the rest of the crowd.
  7. But deep down we know they are racists. Trying to "keep order". Opression!!!!!!!