WSFG.. Watch out for a big opening tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by nwtrader245, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. This stock has been hit hard due to downgrades and fraud allegations. It is a quality bank, and has been way oversold. Hedge Funds and mutual funds will be loading up at these cheap prices..
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    Another short prospect.

  3. I dare you to short it. You missed the boat. You will get burned soon enough. It has dropped 60% in five days.
  4. I hope you shorted it!
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    Well considering this stocks average daily volume is usually less than 10K a day. I don't think any trader that has a 1/4 of a brain would even touch such a P.O.S.

    I looked at it after you posted and just laughed.
  7. timmay we all know you need changing you are shameless
  8. This isn't Timmy, and if anyone would have listened, they would have made 55%. I bought in at 4.55 last Thursday and sold at 7.05 on Halloween.
  9. Not enough price history to shake my dick at. And, all distribution. Yes, dead cat bounces can and do occur. Nothing to really "bank" on.

    Eh, how would you know what a quality bank is? Loan to deposit ratio? ROA? Too many write-offs? Not enough write-offs? Net interest spread? Blend of commerical to consumer loans? The tellers are nice?

    Does a "quality" bank translate to the paper? Chart, albeit brief, speaks for itself.