WSBers playing with fire and getting burned: NKLA hard to borrow early assignments on call spreads

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  1. "I had NKLA credit spreads, where the short legs got assigned. Exercised the long legs the next day immediately but they wouldn't settle until after the weekend. I still got charged 360% interest for 3 days. My account value is only 5K lol. I'm done."

    Etrade should eat this, IMHO.

    rule #1: Avoid anything on reg sho unless you really know what you're doing.
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    Why should etrade eat this?
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    Real Money

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    TD/TOS just banned any opening spread that includes short calls in NKLA.
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  5. It's an opinion, you're welcome to your own!
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    I'm probably wrong on this but how is there a $10k interest charge for 3 days?

    Isn't this interest divided by 360 and multiplied by 3 days??
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    Are you satoshi_notmemoto?
  8. No, are you?
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    Assuming the stock at 65, that's 65 x 3.60 or $234 per year (per share) divided by 365 so .64 per day or $64 per 100 shares (or one assigned call). So that $192 for 3 days. So if he was assigned on 52 calls it would be about $10,000.

    Note that the short rate now is over 800%
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    What’s your reasoning for your opinion?
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