W's about to open his mouth on CNBC...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bungrider, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. yep, looks like dubya set the highs...again

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  2. the market still doesn't like him...he took the spoos to new lows...i wonder if the nasdaq can hold it up or if this is the start of the next selloff...

    he sounds more and more like reagan every day...

    anyone know what the spoos did when reagan spoke back in the 80's?? or the older bush? that was way before my day...just curious...thanks in advance

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  3. vonk


    Read Pitbull by Marty Schwartz to answer your question.
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  4. ahh...yes...i remember schwartz commenting on that now...i will check that out again...that was a good book.

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  5. Ebo


    If you are going to refer to our leader as "W"..........Please use the proper spelling......it's DUBYA!!
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  6. klutz


    If you gonna spell it right then might as well give him his correct title..........The Rev. Dubya of The Latter-Day Morons
    #16     Mar 26, 2003
  7. Guess all tis is "interesting" but as a short term system trader, I allow my system to decide where and when to buy, sell, exit. etc. Never know who's on what or when. The one thing i do try and avoid is being in a risky position just before the FOMC's announce.

    Not to brag, but yes, with a 66% win rate (or 2/3). the sample is a bit larger than yours - around 4,800.
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