Wrx Sti , Evo 8

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  1. any owners out there?
  2. nitro



    But I really like them, which for me is really strange. I cannot believe the 0-60 times on these cars.

    BTW, Dodge has an SRT/4 (I nelieve that is the model #) that competes with these as well, and it is $20K!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like the looks of the Subaru the best.

  3. They're AWD so they really hook off the line which results in a great 0-60, but they are 4-cyl and under 300HP which shows in the 0-100+ times.

  4. The STi is >300 hp. My cousin has one, and he says it totally rocks. He goes out looking for Porsches. It has to be the most powerful production four ever sold. Can you imagine how strong the rods and pistons must be in that engine, ie same power as a Chevy V8 but half the cylinders. You'd think it would shake the car apart, but I guess the boxer design is inherently smooth.
  5. i have never driven a wrx sti, the dealers wont let u test drive one!! it has a lot less room in the back than an evo.

    as to evos they are more like flat 5, 0-60, i had a bmw m coupe and it was faster from a rolling start than my friends stock evo, and that car is over 5 in 0-60. unfortunately we got the stripped down version of the evo in the states. hopefully the MR model makes it here next year.

    the beauty of these 2 cars lies in modifying them, for 1500 one can ad almost 80 hp and then you are really flying.

    anyway finally they arrived int the states, can buy more fun for around 30k


  6. this car had a vishnu stage one upgrade i believe for around 1500
    thats why they clocked it so fast
  7. I used to have a WRX, but for me the novelty wore off fairly quickly. At the beginning the acceleration and performance was fun, but I got sick of being paranoid about leaving it in carparks and worrying about it getting keyed, etc. I now prefer my normal everyday car that doesn't attract any attention and I don't have to worry about it.
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