Wrongly Accused

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  1. hunter thompson just published an article in vanity fair regarding a 25 year old woman who is serving life in prison for killing a police officer. the only issue is---- she was IN police custody when the murder occured. i think this totally sucks. i fyou are interested in learning more--her website is:


    i pray for the day that she will be free. god bless hunter thompson and his rebel rousing ways !

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    Why is this in classifieds? Just curious.

    Can't a police officer be murdered when he has a suspect in custody?:confused:
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    not sure why this bounced into classified. supposedly she was in the back of the police car, cuffed, without a weapon when the skin head shot the officer.

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    So in vogue these days to run down the police and support the plight of convicted felons. Demonstrates a certain kind of rebelliousness/courage by today's standards. People don't wind up handcuffed in the back of a squad car for singing too loud in church. Cops don't get out and thumb through the white pages and say.....hmmmm, who do we want to f%#k with today? When someone's arrested, they often begin to panick. Things happen very quickly and with NO forethought.

    Then later on, after all the turmoil is long over, some amazing stories can be concocted, especially with the help of some good journalists and lawyers. Throw in a really skilled public relations man and baaammm.......All of a sudden the cops look like the bad guys.

    Now, having said all that.....Don't get me wrong, I know some people have been falsely accused and convicted. Maybe this particular girl was wrongly convicted. I couldn't know and neither could anyone else, except those directly involved. It's just that I've seen "a million" of these types of stories. I tend to fall GREATLY on the side of the cops.
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    It's not as strange as it sounds.

    She is accused of providing the weapon (by dropping it in range of the actual trigger-man) which in many states (including CO apparently) qualifies you for a murder charge.

    So, if she DID drop the weapon for the killer to use I can understand the charge and the sentence. The charge from her lawyers is that she DID NOT provide the weapon.

    When one says "she was in police custody when the murder occurred" it sounds like there is just no way that she can be guilty of the murder, but legally that is just not the case.

    If she is innocent I certainly hope she is freed. If guilty I hope she rots in there.

  10. here we go we got the "logicians" on the case now all will be well , awaiting axies 2cents worth to make all complete :D
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