Wrong Way Joe Wilson?

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  1. Republican Joe Wilson of South Carolina, the man that yelled at the President of the United States like an 8 year old little leaguer "calling" out an umpire last September with his point and shout of "YOU LIE!" is unfortunately a reflection of a growing disease in this country called "creeping meat-ballism" . . . all symptoms of someone that has no brains, is incredibly stupid and never got passed the 7th grade.
    Kind of sounds like Orly Taitz, no?


    Never mind that no where in HR3200 is there any provision for allowing illegal immigrants health care insurance, let alone a mechanism for creating a means in which to allow for health care insurance for illegals.

    In fact, Section 246 of HR-3200 is titled as follows . . .

    "No Federal Payment For Undocumented Aliens"

    All this, from the very same Joe Wilson that voted along with 204 Republicans to have endorsed Bush's 2003 medical monstrosity which was spear-headed by Billy Tauzin of Louisiana ( now employed at $2.5 million per year as a lobbyst for big Pharma ) entitled, "The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003".

    Not only did this drug benefit add trillions to the Medicare shortfall, it translated into a bonanza for illegal immigrants.

    Tucked away in Section 1011, titled the “Federal Reimbursement Of Emergency Health Services Furnished To Undocumented Aliens,” is the following specification:

    [T]he Secretary shall pay the amount … determined under paragraph (2) directly to eligible providers located in the State for the provision of eligible services to aliens described in paragraph (5) … aliens described in this paragraph are any of the following: (A) Undocumented aliens. (B) Aliens who have been paroled into the United States at a United States port of entry for the purpose of receiving eligible services. (C) Mexican citizens permitted to enter the United States for not more than 72 hours under the authority of a biometric machine readable border crossing identification card …

    Perhaps Joe Wilson isn't just "Wrong Way Joe" as it appears...
    Perhaps he's just the typical hypocritical politician who has received $439,000 in PAC money from the health care industry, but has no problem becoming one of the biggest "meatballs" in Congress by outwardly advertising just how stupid one can become while a member of the US Congress given his "outburst" last Fall. Perhaps he thinks that the majority of Americans are just too plain stupid to tell how much of a hypocrite he is. Go figure.


    The "Dumbing Down" of America continues.
    Welcome to the Club!