wrong way cramer now bearish

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  1. 4 days ago he said soft landing and buy and now he's bearish. last friday he was cutting bears heads off and now he's cooking bulls in a crook pot. 4 weeks ago he loved cat to no end and said $100 easy and now he hates equipment stocks. the man's a real sicko and needs to exit the air. have you noticed all his shows are on the market as he's losing his power to move individual stocks as the market gets bearish
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    Probably confirmation that we're at the beginning stages of a bear market?
  3. Isn't the art of the "line of work" Cramer is in, to be a master-waffler? Isn't it more about the veins in his neck...than trading?
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    This guy cramer is still around ? I heard he went to jail years ago ? Oh, must have been bad rumors. Sorry.
  5. Cramer's wife (Trading goddess) is the REAL trader in the family. She was a hedge fund trader also.

    If it literally weren't for her, Cramer's hedge fund would've been liquidated back in 1998 during the asian crisis. It's all explained in his book actually.
  6. ROFLMAO... Its funny because its true...
  7. I thought that was funny when he was cutting the bears heads off. I knew we'd made a retracement into that June, 2nd high, confirmed by Cramer.

    I remember in one of his ads on CNBC a caller says, "You are the Michael Jordan of the stock market."

    I was laughing so hard when I heard that. What a crock.
  8. I had figured if he is getting bearish the bottom must be close
  9. He could be the Jerry Springer of CNBS if they'd just get some fat women to take off their tops and fight! :D
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