Wrong Fair Value Premiums

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    It's an excellent program, that's why he's selling it.

    I also heard that the top trader at Goldman is offering a new course. Kind of expensive, around 50,000 dollars, but it has a money back guarantee if you don't get a million dollar a year job. Not sure though, still trying to decide if I really want to do that work.

    What's wrong with Yahoo finance fair value? It's posted each morning.

    There is only one, and only one way to calculate fair value. The OP was not talking about premium numbers, he asked about fair value. Just check bloomberg or yahoo.
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    Hi Joe, thanks for your cryptic reply.

    By the way, what is OP?

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  3. (The) Original (thread) Poster works for most of us.
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  4. Who cares what the OP was asking about? That was 5 years ago?

    HF, you seem to be pretty new here based on your # of posts, so here is the quick and dirty guide to how things work:

    1. There are some smart and probably successful traders here that, if the question is phrased to their liking, and isn't something like "If anyone has a successful method, please detail it for me?", they will offer some useful information.

    2. The guys in #1 are not very common. Most of what you will get in responses to a genuine question will vary between useless (but sometimes entertaining) sarcasm and verbal attacks, or misinformation.

    3. You will need to do some due diligence, and sift through all the responses to a question in order to find useful information from someone who might actually understand and willingly share the information you seek.

    4. Most importantly, if you ask any question about any PAID training or mentorship, be prepared for sarcasm, ridicule, suspicion, and general disapproval. The prevailing mantra is that nobody will sell (or give away) any training or knowledge that they themselves could make $$ using.

    There you have it, a primer for asking questions on ET, welcome. Oh by the way, if no one comes through with a useful reply on your question regarding Hank Camp's training, that probably means either no one here has tried it and therefore, have no opinion, or they have tried it and are making tons of $$ and don't want any more competition. Or its the weekend and they just haven't checked ET.

    Since the thread is old, and your question only generally pertains to the topic, you might try creating a new thread, if this goes nowhere. If you can get Don Bright's attention, he might be able to give you some idea as to whether the methodology in general has any edge in the current market climate. I don't think he will have any specific knowledge of the training that Hank is offering, but he and others at his firm have used fair value calculations for years on the open and throughout the trading day. I'm sure he has a very good idea of its usefulness.

    good luck.
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