Writting an algorithm in C++

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    For low frequency strategy, it makes more sense to use python.
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    Do you happen to have links to those benchmarks?
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  3. gonna throw my two cents in here for python if all you're doing in local modeling/forecasting. Super easy and it's plenty fast (I use it on a 5000 stock universe every weekend...)

    Google "python rsi". You'll find a Stack Overflow solution that does exactly what you're looking for.
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    nodeJS is written in C/C++ so that's impossible. Most of the benchmarks are faulty to begin with. When done properly, C/C++ is magnitudes faster. Python is slower but no-one really uses native python for any larger datasets, modules are used which implement C/C++ underneath.
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    Definitely possible and if you are familiar with c++ then why not stick with it.
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  7. There is just no reason to not use NumPy. There is no point in comparing "python vs C++". Your implementation in C++ is not going to be faster than NumPy.

    That doesn't even touch on the ecosystem you are then getting for free.
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