Writing checks at the grocery store ...

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  1. Are you one of these people?

    I'm standing in line behind you with 7 items -- simple to scan, simple to pay for with my Visa checkcard and simple to move on through so the guy or girl behind me can get on with their life, too.


    You are the person in front of me with $18.07 in groceries. You are the one that pulls out a crumpled up checkbook and proceeds to write a check. After spending 2 minutes of my life and everyone behind me, you screw up and proceed to rip up your check and start anew. You balance the back of your checkbook before handing the cashier your check.

    Now, enter a new revolution called the "check card." You swipe this magical thing through this magical slit and instantly are on your way. Don't worry about security, Visa and your bank have you covered if something goes wrong.

  2. Agreed. But your life must be pretty comfortable overall if something like this irritates you enough to post about it here.

    You know what one of my biggest 'urban irritations' is? Panhandlers. "Yo, man, I'm too lazy to work like everybody else, so I'm going to harrass hundreds of people every day fo 80 cent fo da bus."
  3. Yeah rite I hear ya..

    Your buying two pack smokes...

    But YOUR stoopid plastic card doesnt process so you swipe again..

    Again.and AGAIN!!.


    No one has a clue what the prob is... WHO CARES!!

    I just lost TEN MINUTES of my life cause you morons wont use..

    CASH! :mad:

    Finally I'm next I pull out twenty CASH and POOF.. I'm done in 15 secs...NEXT?
  4. Oh that was good! :D
  5. You forgot that she also wants to write her check for $50 more than the $18.07 and get it back in cash, so she and the cashier enter into a further multi-minute discussion of whether she should take two $20 and a $10 or whether she'd like five $10s.

    I'm still at a loss for why any grocery is (1) willing to take checks at all given the ubiquitous availability of other means and (2) why they're willing to act like a bank and let these bozos not just use a check, but actually cash it out for more than their purchase.

    Geez, people - there's an ATM in every grocery store I've been in lately.
  6. wow..just got back from the grocery store...some witch was writing a check...bit*#ed the whole time about showing id and blah blah blah...meanwhile the rest of us just stood there like idiots. i'm starting to really like those "scan ur own" registers.
  7. ElCubano


    Aphie....One day you will look forward to standing behind someone like this at the grocery store....the fact that they will slow down ur life by 5 minutes to reflect upon other things will be greatly appreciated....peace
  8. This is all I use now, sooo convenient, don't have to chat with any body, and only people who 'don't like to screw around use them ( mostly ).
  9. If you see me in line at a grocery, Lowe's, etc (hint: I resemble a young but more virile Clint Eastwood), whatever you do get in another line! Based on past statistics, there is a near 100% probability that someone ahead of me will want to do the checkwriting drill, complete with ID verification.
  10. scan item put on scanned side of items

    "theres an illegal item on scale please place back in cart"

    scan item, again, put on scanned side of items

    "theres an illegal item on scale please place back in cart"

    FUCK this machine
    scan item, again, put on scanned side of items

    start debating on stealing item

    "theres an illegal item on scale please place back in cart"


    put item on floor and goto next item
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