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  1. Slimcan


    I own 400 shares of At & t and wish to write 2 calls in IB. I clicked on option spread and only see a Buy/write combo. How would I find a write icon. There are many choices but nothing that says Write. :)
  2. just21


    oh dear, click on option trader, enter att, choose expiry, load chain, select strike, click on bid, change price and quantity, transmit.
  3. lescor


    Pull up a quote, click the bid, sell. It's the same as shorting a stock.
  4. fh2000


    Log on to IB website under Account Management. There is a Message center icon. You can create a ticket and ask any question to them.
  5. ddefina


    Yes, just sell the option instead of buy it.

  6. I am not familiar with the IB system, but it also may show up as "Sell to Open" or "Sell to Open Covered" etc some variation.
  7. spindr0


    You can use the Option Trader as just21 suggested or you can pull up the individual contract on the platform by:

    Type symbol then hit ENTER. Menu opens up and under AT&T-NYSE it will list:


    Click OPTIONS, select the month then the year and that will open up the list of available options. Select the one you want from the total list on the right or use the FILTER feature on the left
  8. Slimcan


    Good explanations I like the concept of thinking of it as a short----------------
    I am good to go ……………
  9. erol


    i thought it is shorting an option... and you can think of it as writing an option...

    but maybe im wrong.
  10. Write and sell are equivalent terms.

    Write simply refers to 'writing an option contract.' The term is most commonly used by a stockholder who wants to become a covered call writer.

    Any time you sell an option 'to open' or to go short, you are writing (increasing the open interest - unless the buyer is closing a short position) an option.

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