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    I am seriously thinking about starting to write my own charting software, consisting of only what I need, not bloated by thousands of useless marketing-type features that drags the performance down.

    I have a strong technical background, so the programming knowledge is not a problem. I also appreciate that it's not going to be a short-term commitment.

    Has anybody here written their own software that hooks up to their chosen feed through an API?

    I am debating whether to stay with the native Win32 API or go with .Net. Of course Win32 with C would give the best performance, but I worry about the future of Win32, especially if more and more new Windows features are exposed only through the .Net API and Win32 becomes more like an undocumented part of Windows.

    What do people think?
  2. I think if you are comtemplating writing your own charting software, you will probably feel more at home in those programmer forums instead of a trader forum. Programming is a very time-consuming undertaking. (Yes I used to be a computer programmer.)

    I think if you are serious about trading for a living, or trading to make money, you should spend more time on trading instead of writing your own charting package.

    Traders are race-car drivers. If you spend most of your energies being a mechanic or a designer of a race car, it will be so much harder to win the race car championship.
  3. I think that traders worry more about coming up with an edge than the performance of their charting software. Charting is slow by definition. If you need speed you ought to be thinking about directly processing the feed and placing orders. I don't understand what good does faster charting performance if you are looking at charts to make decisions. That process is by nature a slow one.
  4. I'm a damn good race car mechanic & off-road driver.

    I'm thinking about building my own car from scratch. A lot of cars on the market today have too many bells & whistles (mirrors, radio, heater, air) who needs those things to race the Baja500?

    I'm debating whether I should use a diesel or regular unleaded gas engine. What do you guys think?
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    With all due respect guys, I don't need your opinions on whether I should write my own software or not. I can decide that for myself.

    That's not the point of the thread.

    I am only interested to hear from people who have written their own, and their experiences.

    Thank you.
  6. Well, the good news is while you're busy, busy writing your program, you won't be losing much through trading.:D
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    What a bunch of time wasters.
  8. True, true. :D

    You need to start a thread in the ATS portion of the Forum or review some of the threads that are already ther.

    It would also help to take a trip over to Interactive Brokers or Strategy Runner to see what you can develop using their API.

    Good luck
  9. You can hear about their experiences but you won't feel their pain until you try yourself.
  10. You posted in a TRADING forum asking other people what they think about writing their own charting software.

    I told you what I think.

    Obviously you don't like the comments given so far. You are looking for those who are mechanics, car designers and drivers all-in-one who can win the race to comment about building their own car.

    And you have waited 2 hours, 2 long hours, for them to show up to comment on your thoughts.

    Good luck.
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