Write Mr. Robert W. Cook - Director of SEC Division of Trading and Markets

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  1. Time to stop this craziness in electronic markets :

    Contact Robert W. Cook with your complains :


    Have fun !
  2. NYSE Euronext Says There Were ’A Number of Erroneous Trades’

    By Elizabeth Stanton

    May 6 (Bloomberg) -- NYSE Euronext said “there were a number of erroneous trades” during an almost 1,000-point plunge in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

    “There were a number of erroneous trades,” said NYSE spokesman Rich Adamonis. “Our guys just told me Nasdaq is investigating the erroneous trades. What happened today in P&G for instance, the bad print was on Nasdaq, not here,” he said, referring to a 37 percent plunge in Procter & Gamble Co.

    The Nasdaq said it is investigating the plunge.
  3. This isn't electronic markets, it's Bernanke. He ruined the market.
    Notice how it's done things like that since he got into office. The market is insane.
  4. This doesn't have anything to do with erroneous trades or electronic trading. Moves like this are the logical result of a markets that's highly correlated across all asset classes and which vectors are the binary risk on/risk off. This translated into forced liquidation which caused the spike down today.
  5. lol.
  6. how do explain some stocks trading down to one cent?
  7. Absolutely clueless comment.
  8. Fundamentals?
  9. Take your pick.

    black boxes gone wild
    buyers strike
    fat fingers