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  1. Hi I had a post about having a system and not being able to utilize it because i'm nervous...Can anyone tell me how to write a program to buy when X Y and Z happens?
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    U should hire a programmer.

    If u don't have advanced math and IT skills, I don't know how u will win this game.

    Good Luck
  3. Code:
    if (X and Y and Z)
        Buy(100, "LNKD", 80.00);
  4. But would a program know what RSI is or Volume like:

    if RSI above 20 for 2 bars buy?
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    search 'worden tc2000' their software is build for non programmer
  6. Michael,

    I remember your original post from the other day (6 months of profitably paper trading your system) and here are my suggestions for you.

    1. LONG TERM: Learn programming skills. At the very least, learn how to back-test and forward-test. In my opinion, these are basic required skills for trading success. Work toward automation, but that takes time.

    2. SHORT TERM (Right now): Start trading your system as follows:
    (a) If you don't already have a trading plan, put your strategy in writing. Include entries, exits, money management, etc.

    (b) Start trading real money as follows:

    (i) Take the first trade of the day with real money. Follow your plan to the letter. No skipping trades or cherry picking. Follow your plan. After you take the first trade with real dollars, switch over to the simulator and trade as if you were trading with real money. Follow your plan to the letter. At the end of the day, journal all your trades and grade yourself on ONE THING -- How well did you stick to your plan? You're going to do this for 5 days.

    (ii) After you have stuck to your plan for five consecutive days taking only the first trade with real money, then start taking the first 2 trades each day with real money before switching to the simulator for the rest of the day. After five more days of following your plan, start taking the first 3 trades each day with real dollars before switching to the simulator. And so on until all trades are with real dollars.

    (iiii) This will give you a low pressure look at your methodology with real money and test your ability to follow your plan as you slowly build to more trades with real dollars each day.

    Over time, either you'll make the transition or... you need to move on to something else because trading isn't for you.
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