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  1. The winner for the funniest caption in this massively screwed up country will receive everyone's undying praise and gratitude"

  2. "I'll trade you that sandwich for a $50 billion bailout... It's a deal? Great! Hit me, I'm open!"
  3. "Our budget deficit? Well...it's going to be about this big."
  4. TGregg


    "Poof! And another 100 billion is gone!"
  5. Joe Madden: Well from up here it looks like the runner was short, but we are still awaiting word from the ref. Lets see, yes, he was about a foot short.
  6. "...and together, you and we, are going to change this country, by this much...."
  7. "you want to know how big that hemmorhoid on stocktrad3rs ass was?"
  8. fhl


    Senator: Just how much less are the UAW workers going to make at Chrysler, so as to lower the cost base and give this massive gov't bailout a chance to succeed?

    Geitner: Well, senator, they aren't going to make <b>ANY</b> less money. The 'cuts' that we've announced as being achieved are the UAW <b>forgoing any increases in wages and benefits that they were scheduled to receive in future years</b>. We didn't really want to cut the auto union members wages, but we just wanted it to appear that we did for PR purposes.


    I guess it's not really that funny, eh? I don't expect anyone's undying gratitude for this.

  9. " Watch my hands.....you are becoming sleepy.....sssllleeeeppppy...........sleep....sleep.....When I snap my fingers...you will awake...and the financial crisis will be over...."
  10. I wouldn't say TARP had a hole big enough to drive a truck through. Instead of that, it was more like this.
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