Wright says remembering all the lyrics of Hip Hop on the radio = reciting Plato

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. hmmmmmm..

    Maybe he's right.

    He said a bunch of other shiite too at the NAACP rant , and if Obsama heard and cheered even 1/100th of it as a member of his , uh, flock, during the last 20 years, then he's not fit to be dog catcher, no less MY PREZZIE.

    Just thought you lib's would like to know.

    That leaves and old man and and old bag.


  2. Hip Hop = Plato.

    And there you have it.

    No wonder the black school districts with the most spending per student churn out "graduates" who equate educationally to white district 8th graders.

    Next thing you know, Crystal Meth Manufacturing 101 will replace Economics and Know Yo Hood will take the place of Geography.