W're gettinh 5 years worth of movement in a month or less

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  1. How you handling that?
  2. many have been wiped out clean.. the smart guys stay completely away from this market.. but with this volatility u there is every chance for a crazy gambler to make a killing.. you'll hear about Jesse Livermores of 2008 in years to come..
  3. It's frustrating. I was short the dax last week and closed out my trade thinking the market could not fall any further. The index then dropped another 10 percent.

    I went long the day of the bottom only to get stopped out so I missed the upswing.

    I never thought I'd say this but I'm going to be happy once the volitility subsides.

  4. Yeah, it looks easier than it is.

    That said, it's more about having the stomach for it than the difficulty of seeing the moves.

    For the most part the intraday chart work I do is holding up the same as always, albeit with much wider ranges.
  5. Some methods are suitable for increased volatility while other methods are not suitable for increased volatility and other methods are suitable for increasing, decreasing or normal volatility.

    Those that didn't know...

    Know now the performance of their method in this type of high volatility market conditions along with knowing where changes should be made within their trading plan.

    That's the beauty of volatility...

    It'll tell us the weakness and strength within our entry signal, exit signal or any other trade management area along with giving a new meaning to the word trader.

  6. Getting many good signals with EXCEPTIONAL follow through! Makes up for all those years of garbage ES intraday movement when volatitlity had been grinded out of the market (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, parts of 2007).....uuugh!
  7. This volatility is a gift.
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    I can count on one hand the number of trades I have made in the last two weeks. My trading is based on risk, and one of the inputs is the range. I am seeing double my risk tolerances/limits every day.

    edit: I am very risk adverse; I guess I could trade exceptionally small, but that is not even worth it.

    I have been spending my time developing a strategy for long term 'stuff'.

    edit 2: Don't get me wrong: I do think these are great trading markets; just not for me.
  9. The AHG guys are killing it.
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    This market is a fantastic opportunity to make money for experienced traders. For unexperienced traders it's an opportunity to jam several years of experience into a few months. If you blow up your account, take the time to understand what happened and learn from it. Then give it another go when you save up enough to get going again.

    Really good title on this thread - it's quite true.
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