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  1. 1) Yen Carry Trade Unwinding

    2) Durable Goods Order Sucks

    3) Paulson & Congress Reviewing Hedge Fund Practices

    4) Subprime Crisis Spreading Like A Wildfire

    5) Housing Sales SUCK And Are Only Getting Worse

    6) Home Depreciation Most In Six Years While New Home Inventories Are At 10 Month Supply

    7) Buffet Throws Support Behind Clinton & Obama

    8) Blackstone Drops Below IPO Price (while other IPOs are pulled)

    9) Fed Is Switching Focus To HEADLINE Inflation (wonkish concession that inflation is globally driven and out of control?)

    10) BIS Warns Of 'Depression' Risk With Liquidity Bubbles Everywhere

    Risk of recession is palpable. Trade 'em like you mean it.
  2. empee


    time to buy! its all priced in!!
  3. BLSH, shhhhhhhhhh.
  4. I think DJIA will be up by around 60 points by end of day. This market has been going against "common sense".
  5. And the market still has confidence, "the money pump will triumph over ALL negatives".
  6. BYlo,

    Good list, I think the replies indicate more than your list of ten. We need every single person to admit the situation is dire.
  7. Where did you get that from?

  8. good list but it means squat. this market has laughed at every negative thing for a year and will go much higher
  9. Typical scare tactics before a fed meeting. Wallstreet and it's propaganda machine will try and sway the fed into a rate cut.

    I bet the fed caves in and gives the street want it wants, and thats some strong language that its going to cut rates real soon.

    Then the market will soar, earnings will blow the cover off ball and all the bad bad things will disappear.
  10. and the market is up

    none of those things are a big deal

    the US dollar is going based on the poor durable goods number lower wich is good for stocks

    who cares about the stupid blackstone ipo

    who cares about buffet?

    subprime thngy no big deal

    um homes are still expensive where I live

    no one cares about paulson hedgefund practices being reviewed. Not a big deal at all.

    who is BIS?

    lol pretty pathetic
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