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  1. Impeach them all :mad: :mad: not only illegal, but look at the trimming...

    <<...Rep. Waxman's letter to the office of the Army Secretary raises a number of disturbing issues. It appears that Halliburton subsidiary, Kellog Brown & Root, was given nearly $500 million in government contracts for the Iraq war without said contracts being proffered to other companies in a standard bidding process. Given Halliburton's close ties to Vice President Cheney, the potential impropriety of this action is manifest. As Rep. Waxman notes in his letter, Halliburton's contracts with the government allowed them "to profit from virtually every phase of the conflict with Iraq." Perhaps more disturbing is the timing of the issuance of said contracts. Waxman states that Brown & Root was contracted for Iraq war work in 2001. Was this contract offered before September 11? truthout is in the process of finding the answer to that question through Rep. Waxman's office. - wrp...>>

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    Even if the contracts ware after the 9/11, it was way before any Iraq mention to the people. First public official time was during the State of Union Address 2002( we all remember the axis of evil and evildoers)gggggggg

    manoman jail is not enough! :mad: :mad:
    Oil SHrub Mafia and Co needs to pay, and pay big.

    They do get A+ for planning, conniving, and deceit tho!!

    You know folks, this whole thingy starts to make sense.. just follow th $$$$ trail
  2. Typical Democrat gutter politics. If there was ANYTHING illegal here, don't youthink they would have made a big stink about it already? There are legal procedures to challenge government contracts that were not awarded properly, and as far as I know, not one company has filed a case over the HAL deal. Waxman is a fanatically partisan hitman for the extreme left wing of the Democrat Party. He regularly tries to splatter mud on anyone and anything Republican.