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    S&P down over 4% and growing. Days like this don't happen more than a couple in a decade. I am buying. Stupind me :)
  2. Or in 2008...
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    When does BUBBLE ben bernanke bail out this market drop, if he does this is the most FUCKING pathetic market in the world, every single time this market falls apart the bulls cry and everyone begs for more stimulus, lets hope this time he doenst interfere.
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    SPX 1206
    SPX 1206
    SPX 1206

    I bet if you spoke to any of the idiots on cnbc 2 weeks ago and said the spx would be nearing 1200 they would have laughed at you. Too funny!
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    Someone on CNBC was agreeing with an analyst that the market would do poorly regardless to the outcome of the debt ceiling crisis. They weren't laughing.

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    During that debt ceiling talk, since the discussion was dragged for over two months , there were lots of talks on TV scaring people of a default and market and now people are reacting. I bet mutual funds withrawal is in all time high.
  7. 1200 busted intraday.
  8. Actually, 4-6% drops aren't that rare. Almost every summer lately. Great buying opportunities occurred in 2009 and 2010 when it happened.
  9. Bet lots of people needed to change their depends after that one .
  10. i dont think so. hope for qe keeps them settled.

    someone is falling from 11 level of highrise. You are below. How do you help and not damage yourself ?

    Catch him after he hits the ground and bounces.

    I guess that what qe will be :D :D
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