WOW! What a YEAR!

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  1. The pope is going to die, the cubs are heading to the world series and the terminator is now governor of California.

  2. why is "god" going to kill the pope (his biggest supporter)? something's not right... hmmm
  3. The Messiah is coming :D
  4. With all these unbelievable things happening...

    I think I'll marry Heidi Klum...
  5. God isn't going to kill people. When are you going to stop bashing religion?
  6. until i get sent to hell.
  7. Some would say you're already there :)
  8. I was waiting for the Prophecy Propaganda of the Pope's death: nobody dare to quote it since it is so famous ? OK I will look if I can find it somewhere.
  9. I can't find any clear reference to Pope Jean Paul II in Nostradamus quatrains yet. At the moment I just found this but it is supposedly - which can be of course very doubtful - a conversion with him through a medium's client haha :D:

    Another striking revelation in Cannon's book is Nostradamus' report that many of his quatrains pertain to the fall of the Catholic Church. He predicts that there will be only two more popes after John Paul II. From CENTURY VIII-46: "He says that the present pope will be on one of his many journeys when he dies...He says the present pope will be assassinated."

    Nostradamus said that the two popes following John Paul will not be around very long. From CENTURY I-4: "He refers to the pope that will come between the present pope and the last pope. This one will have a short reign. He says that some of the political blunders and mistakes made by this pope is what makes it easier for the last pope to be a tool of the Anti-Christ."

    The comet, referred to earlier from CENTURY IV-67, will be a sign leading up the assassination of the pope succeeding John Paul II. Nostradamus noted that John Paul will be killed because his concern for the human condition, and his many travels, will put him in too many vulnerable situations. The pope following him, however, will be assassinated by the Anti-Christ's forces in order that a pope under their control can be set in his place. It is this last pope that will bring about the downfall of the Catholic Church. Here's what Nostradamus was reported saying about him:

    CENTURY IV-86: "This man will have a physical deformity of some sort...either of the shoulder or of the foot...he was born that way...His parents were involved with the Nazi movement in France." From CENTURY II-76: "The lame priest refers to the French pope who is of service to the Anti-Christ...He voluntarily contributes the inner resources of the information that he, as pope, has access to. Information that the Anti-Christ could not have gotten in a million years just through his spies, had the pope remained true to the other side."

    Nostradamus reports that the Anti-Christ will focus much attention on undermining the authority of the Catholic Church. One thing he will do, with the help of the last pope, is ransack the Vatican Library. From CENTURY V-43: "He will do this by revealing all the controversial things he finds that are hidden away in the Vatican Library. Things the church has declared people should not read for it would be threatening to their faith. He will be sure that these things are distributed about." He also notes, however, from CENTURY I-62: "It will bring to light information and facts and knowledge that have been suppressed for several centuries...In a way the Anti-Christ will be doing a good thing by ransacking the Vatican Library. Because later on that knowledge...will be open to the whole world and available for everyone to use."

  10. You are retarded: in this probable new Modern New Age it will be through direct telepathy :D

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