Wow. Weirdest Thing I've Seen In A Long Time

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  1. friend sent me this picture of her flying in to land (on a plane obviously) and this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen...unless I'm seeing things....all I can say is wow...

    <embed src="" loop=false quality=high bgcolor=#000000 WIDTH="590" HEIGHT="480" NAME="weirdpic" ALIGN=""></embed>
  2. That was thoroughly annoying. Fortunately, I was wearing my brown pants.
  3. somebody's wife?
  4. well....I was feeling very ETers had forgotten about me so I thought this would bring everyone's attention back to me.... all you guys should know better than to ignore a girl :p
  5. Asshole!

    But good job :)
  6. maxpi


    you do that again and I'm sending people over to rearrange your priorities!!
  7. MTC, you can have those teeth filed and capped.

    At least they'd look a little better...
  8. Quite right, girls shouldnt be ignored.

    You lousy bitch!!:mad:
  9. well, now you all know what's behind the blur :p
  10. Always wondered about that.

    Turns out, your photo's arent blurred at all-just the reflected light is travelling at the speed of FREAKY F-UGLY, a wavelength normally invisible to men, similiar in concept to medusa's face and the magic sheild, or very unnattractive women generally.

    The eye perceives a presence of fugly, but it doesnt register in the focused (on sex) male brain as an image.

    Iv' e heard of a three bagger, but a three body bagger?
    (nothing that vile should be allowed to live-and you dont want it to escape either, till its shot with silver bullets, set in concrete and thrown into a volcano).

    Nice legs go a long way ms twocents, but not that far..............
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