Wow, True Friendship

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  1. I saw that before and while it's touching, it's damned unusual. I doubt most people, with most animals would be able to develop such a connection. There are however, some people with a unique ability to make such a deep connection. A rare attribute indeed. Certainly makes ya' think.
  2. I think it is very dangerous to think a wild animal has love for humans. The lion jumps up and put his paws around the mans neck, but it is a mistake to think this behavior is affection like the affection human beings give to one another with a hug. It is a sign of dominance with the lion, not affection. Lions do not introduce their wife either, like people introduce thier family to other people. The person who made the video attributed human behaviors to the lion. Then add a beautiful song to the video to give it human emotion. Very misleading, dangerous way to think. Always respect wild animals for their strength, and instinct to kill.
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    Exactly, Trend lover.
    Emotional decisions in that area have been deadly.

    Professional wildlife managers, game wardens say the same;
    last clown that decided to be a bosom buddy with Alaskan bears,
    paid for it with his life.:cool:
  4. has anyone seen the full version, where the lion rips them to shreds?
  5. the video came from a 70's documentary "the lion at world's end". there's also a book written about it by the two men.

    watch the documentary for yourself and decide whether the lion was showing affection or dominance as you claim.

  6. What I am saying is the video is put to love song while the lion runs to see the men.
    I have no doubt that the lion remembered the men who raise him. These men also study and understand lion behavior. Notice when lion runs to the men, he jumps up, paws around the neck of the man, the man lowers his head in submissiveness. The lion know he has established his dominance. The men have studied lion behavior and know how to act with their body language to have trust with the lion. It is not love and affection, but understanding of the lion social structure. I think it is amazing and I admire those men, but the video is misleading with romance music, and paws around the neck seen as hug.

    If the lion was very hungry, what would happen?