Wow, this really is a RED country!

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    This is downright shocking! This heat map by Amazon allows you to go state by state and track book sales by right ring lean and left wing lean to see what people are reading. And 46 of the 50 states are RED!!!!!!!!!

    Basically this shows you that even in the liberal states, they don't buy the left wing bullshit because they are not buying the books. There is of course one other explanation which I suppose we have to consider. Liberals just don't read.

    AK47, please, for your own good. Do not look at this heat map. It will only hurt you. :)


    Click the above link to get the exact breakdowns.
  2. Lol @ Mississippi.

    Gunfire (recreational) going off almost every day, last time I was there......
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  5. Brilliant marketing page.