Wow, this guy is amazing, its too bad all cops are not like this.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    This is Unbelievable, its too bad all cops arent like this, we seriously need to start putting pressure on these guys until they learn that they work for us, like this guy does. This cop deserves an award.

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  2. LEAPup


    Yes, but the only problem is the fact that the officer didn't run the gun through NCIC to make sure it wasn't stolen.

    In addition, if I were the officer I would have asked the man with the gun questions about the Marine Corps that only we would know. If he starts getting wrong answers, or no answer, the man with the gun would be giving me his full name and date of birth to run through NCIC as he was carrying a firearm, drew a 911 call, and refused to give a last name under those exigent circumstances. Taking in the totality of the circumstances, the officer should have ran the guy through NCIC.

    If I were the Shift Commander, I'd ask "did the gun come back clean?" The officer: "no, I didn't run it." Me: WHY?:eek: :confused:

    The officer had a good attitude which is paramount, and took charge by making sure there weren't any other weapons on the guy. I liked his demeanor. Other than that, he didn't do his job.
  3. Ricter


    I tend to agree.

    If this had happened in Arizona, would the officer be required to check the man's citizenship status, or did that law fail?

    Edit: on the other hand, lawful open carry is not much of a right if you're going to get hassled for doing it.
  4. Arnie


    On what grounds? The guy wasn't doing anything. The cop was just being a good cop and checking the guy out. He had no reason or authority to run a gun check.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    The officer did an awesome job of handling an asshole citizen.

    Yes, he was in his rights to carry and there is no issue. But when a cop is that polite and respectful, asking for information on him, he should have provided it - if for no other reason than putting the officer at ease. Especially since he's being a dick and looking for trouble with his camera out.

    Police officers have a tough enough job getting paid shit to risk their lives day in and out.
  6. achilles28


    Observer effect. People react differently when being watched.

    How would that officer react had the citizen *not* had a camera pointed at him?

    It's morals and the threat of personal accountability that keeps both citizens and police in line....

    Still, the Officer did a great job.
  7. achilles28


    Ya, how dare people film cops in America. What is this? Nazi Germany?
  8. LEAPup


    When I was an officer, I never said a word to people who carried openly. In my State, you can carry openly anywhere but schools, banks, govt. buildings AND any place where a sign on the entry door prohibits it.

    The ONLY way to carry a firearm is concealed due to the element of surprise, and not having, for example, some drunk saying, "oh tough guy, huh?" i.e., carrying openly can invite the unwanted...

    As far as citizenship, possibly, but more importantly to the safety of the public, and the officer is whether or not the guy was in NCIC (wanted) for possibly killing his Wife, and being some kind of loon.

    The officer did a good job minus two VERY important areas:

    1. Failing to run the gun through his dispatch center for NCIC check. i.e., is the gun stolen?

    2. Failing to investigate further into "john Doe," who carrying a firearm, and drawing a 911 call is REQUIRED to give his name and date of birth or go forthwith to a magistrate, then jail until his identity can be established as the totality of the circumstances scream investigate further, and detain if necessary.

    Last, the guy is lying to the officer about being a prior Marine. Why? ALL prior Marines greet each other like Brothers. This guy had problems, and the retired Marine, now police officer should have known the guy had problems that waranted more investigation. By letting him go without making the above two VERY important checks, the public could have been in danger, and that's not what police officers are supposed to be doing.

    I'm a Libertarian who hates big government, bullying by rogue cities, loves guns, hates gun laws, etc., but am also a former police officer with the common sense to know that the guy with the gun needed to be checked out further, and ther officer failed to do his job.
  9. LEAPup


    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Due to the totality of the circumstances, the officer FAILED to do his job by not running an NCIC check (standard operating procedure) on the firearm.

    If you never wore a badge, you don't understand.
  10. Max E.

    Max E.

    I agree the guy was somewhat being an asshole, but i also think that cops have no right to harass people for no reason, and we have seen far to many videos of cops going the other way and pulling someone over for no reason then acting like a bully, and doing things which are completely outside the bounds of the law, and lots of videos of them arresting people simply for filming them which isnt illegal.

    I would far rather have a police force that acts the way this cop did, then one that is out on the streets running and gunning like a couple movie cops, shaking down everyone that they see, for no legitimate reason.

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