Wow, these media pundits really pumping financials

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. I had to get out of my C trade when they started that. They got in my

    I don't like the attention its getting publically. Means we are gonna get a new bottom. Now I hope the whole finacial rally fades today.
  2. Bowgett


    They are going to pump financials until FED meeting next week and then might sell them after more cuts.
  3. S2007S


    Im adding some UYG in my IRA this week, hopefully it dips down below $30 AGAIN!!!

    When the financials do decide to turn around UYG is going to turn around as quick as it declined.
  4. Bowgett


    That is a bold move. You might be right on this call :)
  5. Youre picking bottoms in a broken downtreading market that hasnt really capitulated enough for a good bear market rally.