wow the pain of being short ES and NQ over the weekend

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gwac, Sep 7, 2008.

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  2. I know. Never gonna hold over the weekend again. Anyone going with the trend is f*cked on this move. GBP/JPY up over 500pips. No stop losses work too.
  3. anybody know where i can find the original for that video?
  4. candles

    candles has the original
  5. Guy was paper trading and acting
  6. Everyone knew they would get bailed out if necessary. This bailout is a heavy load. As big as America is I don't think it can bail out much more. Fed rates at 2%, no room to cut. Bla bla bla.

    Once people realize how bad it must be for them to get bailed out then selling should start.

    Its like the bad news is the good news. I am flat on everything.

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    what tags or link?

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    I think stop losses being filled after the 1263 open drove us up to 73ish, reality is nothing has changed. I expect a grind lower
  9. can't find it on break, i think the author had it removed
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