**WOW** The Economic/Political Spectrum Explained ***MUST SEE***

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Rahula, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Rahula


    Sorry for the **Attention Whore** title but this video is a must see.

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  2. gnome


    Tyranny of the elite? Seems more like that every day...

    Recently Bush and his cronies, now NOBama and his.. :(
  3. Great and concise educational video.

    I never realized that the word "democracy" never appears in either the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence.
  4. Gee thanks dude, as if the outlook wasn't bad enough already. Now you bring up a well thought out, concise explanation of our past, present, and probable future. The future seems dimmer by the day.

    Remember the song "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades"? Modern version is something like this...."The future's so bleak, I gotta wear an eye patch !!!"
  5. Good video. It is precise. Any student of social or political study major should know the difference between republic and democracy.
  6. not everyone agrees with the video's definition of anarchy
  7. Cool video. I'm a Constitutional Centrist. I've been telling Democrats for decades that they match up better with Hitler's Germany than America, they don't seem to care...
  8. Great video thanks for posting.

    Now are you fat lazy slobs going to do anything about it?

    Or just continue on as is?
  9. Masalih


    The question still remains. Who ought to write the constitution and the laws? Who shall have the right to change it? The law is dependent on people whom enforce it. For a republic to be effective and fair it must be supported by the people, through democracy. The two systems are not mutually exclusive.
  10. Pekelo


    Problems with the video:

    1. There are true dictatorships, not just oligarchies.

    2. There is also such a thing as democratic republic.

    3. In a Republic whoever makes the laws are effectively in power.

    Using the Old West example, who made the law that unanymous decission was needed for a death sentence? Was it just one guy (dictator) was it the elite (oligarchy) was it the majority (democracy)????

    People have to realize that there is no perfect form of government where everyone is going to be treated equally. Somebody somehow always going to get screwed, the question is just how big % of the population this will be...
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