Wow - that's a change from the usual.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rickf, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. rickf


    Opened up my trading system at 0730ET and the /ES is flat. Not down (or up) major double-digits, with a generally smoother overnight session than those in recent memory.

    Guess that means the bottom is in. Time to buy. *ducks*

    (Well, I thought it was amusing. Guess I need more coffee.)

    ETA: As I went to post, it is now dropping 6+. Spoke too soon? lol

    ETA2: Down 11 now. D'ooooh!

    We now return to your normally scheduled trading in the New Normal, aka "2008 Was A CakeWalk Compared To Now" ;)
  2. its in freefall again :D

    dropped off nearly 40 points since the pre-marlet high.
  3. rickf


    Yeah. Definitely spoke too soon. Heh.
  4. short at will!!!!!