wow !!! t his will kill Jim Cramer

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  1. Not that different from anyone else who had conviction about some aspect of the market as was wrong.
  2. what sets this apart is when Cramer went on that "fake tirade" about Bernanke knowing nothing because he didi'nt cut rates. guess Cramer did'nt remember his interview a few months back where he said the fed should NOT cut rates. this video really makes him look bad; if thats still even possible.
  3. When you look at the fact that Cramer isn't stoned to death at some crossing in NYC, that we elect Ted Stevens, William Jefferson, Duke Cunningham, Dodd, Schumer, etc, etc, it is obvious as a populace, we have no self respect.

    It's no wonder the events that have transpired were possible. Hopefully, it will reverse soon, and we can dig out of this. The demise of Cramer, let me rephrase, the public turning on Cramer, will be a big tell. He is the best morpher I've ever seen. He can go from being long the entire market to ' I told you you should have sold.....blah blah" in three or four posts, and have no remorse

    When he goes, get long.
  4. why is TSCM $3 and not 3 cents?
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    "wow !!! this will kill Jim Cramer"

    Maybe but I'm not so sure. The type of sheeple that follow Cramer, aren't very good at facing or dealing with reality.