Wow so obvious, If Iran was such a threat, why wait for elections or weapons

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DollarBondsCL, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. If we little people only used logic world would be much clearer to us.

    Think about it, if Iran was such a threat, why would Israel say ok give us for Free your biggest bombs and we won't attack Iran,

    And why would Obama be saying, don't attack Iran, I have an election to win and 200 dollar crude would ruin it for me.

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  2. Obama HUSEIN is an Islamo-apolegist.

    Israel should ignore him and bomb Iran into the Stone Age.

    I cannot wait until we get a patriot back into the White House.
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    I can't wait until we get a patriot either. A man like Ron Paul.

    Unfortunately we won't.
  4. I'm still trying to figure out if you're for real or if this is meant to be some joke . It's hard to imagine someone actually being so psychotic.
  5. Is this the americanhero guy reincarnated again? And, I noticed something about Trader666 being the super pro Israel guy too. Are all three the same guy? I thought 666 was not like this hitman guy.

    And, I too was wondering if this is some big attempt to rile people up, not really serious.

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    Trader666 is Trader666.

    thehitman = american hero = Jake Jones = a complete troll
  7. Ah, good. Thanks.

  8. +1

    6, love him or hate him is not scared.

    That other fella, well he can't put a good reasonable argument together, so he gets banned, comes back, gets banned, comes back.

    I respect people who have no need to hide, who speak for what they are about.
  9. My arguemens are sound.