WOW...S&P to the rescue.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Longhorns, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. What a liftoff.
  2. Deadcat bounce.
  3. Why is this is a surprise? The bull market which began on october 2002 technically hasn't ended. The sp00z didnt close below 1252.
  4. gwac


    You have just witness another sucessful save by the federal plunge protection team....

    These guys are good.....

  5. S2007S


    dow may move higher but the trend is still DOWN.....

    more economic numbers out tomorrow,

  6. Funny part is that S&P report said they think we're "halfway through" the mess.

    News headlines just chose to report the good parts though.
  7. Who cares?
    Traders don't care.
    They just care about making money and catching moves!
  8. Bob, take a good look at LLL.
    CHK too.
  9. You're smokin' crack, that was a bounce off of the 3/11 double bottom and the 3/7 low... PPT my arse, it's traders like you and me stopping out overnight shorts (myself being one of those shorts... aargh).

    PPT = imaginary spaghetti monster that stops you out of a "working" position...

  10. Damn I just got 7 points on 1 contract and 3 on another. Great move just now.
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