WOW !!! Rosie is on a Roll

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  1. Rosie and the gals discuss Iran, false flags, WTC7, media propaganda, and Rosie nails ABC as one of four of the media corporations that spews the proganda on its people. What a great watch, the audience knows 9/11 was an inside job!
  2. you let that fat dyke rosie and the view form your opinions on 911!!!!!


    wow i didnt believe it before, but now that fat slug rosie odonnels on board, hmmmmmmm.
  3. I wish they talk about the fraud behind the FED.
    Kick out the Fed and restore the value USD!
    Well yaa but where is the gold now?
    p.s It is only new show to shot up the people...
  4. trust me i was way ahead of Rosie but i give her a ton of credit for calling out ABC as one of the crime syndicate oligarch media corporations.

    porndork i would love to have a live debate with someone so simple as you. what a child.

  5. anytime anywhere i choose not to make elaborate posts with someone as stupid as you because my time is valuable or we could solve this the good old fashoined way and just stick up some trading blotters..... care to be embarassed???
  6. lmaooooooooo..... and that has what to do with 9/11??? you know you couldnt debate this. FOOL
  7. LMAO times 2 this is a trading site and you are scare to post a blotter im starting to wonder if you even trade.

    Im from canada so i havent paid as much attention as you: to that i will admit, however every point you hsve brought to the table is an argument that a 3 year old would make, you present no logic in your arguments whatsoever. Then when logic is brought to the table you are not willing to accept it, arguing with a brickwall is pointless.

    Are you familiar with Occam's Razor?? summed up as "all things being equal the simplest solution is usually the best?" The problem with all you wack jobs is you can tell me what "doesnt" make sense but can provide NO LOGICAL ARGUMENT as to what realy happened. Logic in 99.99% of cases beats the hell out of all of your stupid arguments.'s_Razor
  8. Ill reply for you ratfucker, the bottom line is that when on a witchhunt no amount of logic need apply whatsoever, so any time one of your stupid conspiracies is debunked you lunatics choose to move on to another one.

    Since there was about a million working arms during 911 you will never quit your witchhunt and will undeniably die a single lonely unhappy girl.
  9. I just got a chance to read that POS you call a website, that is the most biased horseshit i have ever seen, take fox news and times it by 100. All you do is mention anything that supports your outrageous claims and WOOPS neglect to mention the sources.

    Are we really to believe that ROSIE ODDONNEL a fat pig dyke has no vested interest in making the right look bad?? gimme a fucking break you lunatic.

  10. I suspect ratbitch will make his immediate decline from this thread as he has already been proven a troll and has no possible recourse to my arguments.
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