Wow people so bullish tonight

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  1. 1 lousy up day out of 15 months of misery and all calling the 10th bottom in that time frame.Put to call has been low for weeks as few dare short . i expect another collapse this year to 5k or lower to wash the the remaining bulls away then we get a real bottom.
  2. Dow 20K


  3. Not going to 5k.....

  4. 4/23/09--Major Crash --mark my words my data proves it.
  5. Is that when you get your learner's permit? :D :D :D
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    Nostradamus? Is this from a Fibonnachi extension? :)

    Who is going to win the 3rd race at Belmont that day? I can clean up if I know.

    A giant "l-a-s-e-r" is going to destroy the White House that day? MiniMe . . .?
  7. You die in a car accident? I hope your data is wrong for your sake.

  8. BAC will be a $15 stock this by fall. As much as I hate to admit it, Buffet's CNBC interview blew my mind. If Washington suspends mark-to-market FOR REGULATORY PURPOSES, the bear market in financials is over. I have to assume somebody in the Carter, I mean Obama administration was listening.

    Great article in the WSJ about this ...
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    It's a FRICKIN' laser! ....................Throw me a frickin bone here!

  10. nice. . ."moral hazard",

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