Wow not many expected that

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  1. Thought we were going to see 13400+ in the next few.

    Hard to call the bluff on this sell-off but still going to do it.
  2. Tough time to swing trade. Market direction uncertain.
  3. DOW +170.

    Too much support still.

    13400 on it's way
  4. Dow 13,400 tomorrow after the great employment numbers
  5. Um we're still in a bull market. Spooz never closed below 1252.
  6. die
  7. We've never been in a bear market. It's been an inflated bull market since 1929.

    Do you know what you're talking about?
  8. stock_trad3r

    why are you even on this site? I don't understand. You're biased as hell and really have given no insight into ANYTHING except for leaving once the market tanks like a little tool.

    Why not go waste your time somewhere else. You're to the point of being a fuckin joke, if not, passed it by miles already.
  9. Friday is going to be fireworks. I hope people aren't buying into this pump. This is time to unload your best performers. I closed 80% of my long positions in the last half hour today. I won't short yet though, but I would not be trying to chase it. I will short sometime around May 7-9 next thursday or friday.
  10. Jagoffs have to go somewhere.
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