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  1. From reading all the negative posts about my experience over the past six years, one might think that all traders are a bunch of jealous rats. However, I know that this is not the case, so I won't blame "all traders" for the whopping silliness for which my thread was closed. Nor, will I blame the ignorance of the Moderator who closed it.

    Quite frankly, I thought the real traders in here would actually be happy for me. I guess crabs are not the only living beings on earth that like to pull each other down, when one finally finds a way to get to the top. Only in my case, I never had to step on anyone to get to where I am.

    Let's be crystal clear about a few things that I should not have to mention, but I will:

    1) I'm not a salesmen and I don't have anything to sell anybody at anytime.

    What on earth would a person be doing selling a trading method/system/protocol that was virtually risk free? That would be a huge red flag for me personally, if someone walked in here and began asking for "just $19.95 + shipping and handling" for that "special report" that "tells all." But, you never say that from me, did you. So, how can you accuse someone of having done something they never did, without ever demonstrating a single shred of truth about what you accuse that person of having done? That's where the real "BS" comes in.

    2) If you had done your due diligence and read what was written very carefully, I specifically wrote about what "success" as a trader means to me. I said that what is successful to one trader might not be very successful to another and that one definition of "risk" might not fit another definition of risk.

    Risk is not the same for everyone. A prime example is what Tiger Woods did on the 16th hole during last Sunday's final round in a head-to-head showdown with Harrington. Tiger, faced with a 181 yard second shot into a green that nobody "in their right mind" would ever think about going after the pin by bringing the water into play, took an 8-iron (of all things!) and lifted the ball directly over the left side of the pin and then sucked the ball back to within 2+ feet for a kick-in Bird.

    Now, when Tiger was standing over his second shot, my immediate thought was: "Ain't no way - I would even think about fooling around with the water." Then my thought immediately turned to the man that was standing over his ball. Then I realized that not only was he going to bring the water into play, he was actually going to target the pin - HEAD ON! And, that is exactly what he did and it worked. Why?

    Because Tiger DOES NOT evaluate risk on the exact same level as most other players on Tour - that's why. What most people think is "too dangerous" or "too risky," to Tiger, just might be "just another golf shot." Why?

    Because the man has skills that NO ONE on planet earth has ever seen in the sport of professional golf - that's why. He has the tools that set his play apart from all others.

    Many people will pretend to appreciate Tiger, but in private - some of them hate his guts for tearing up the record book the way he has. Those same people, in public, will sing a different tune however, when you ask them about Tiger. But, get them in a private conversation and they hate Tiger's guts - merely because he can do what they can't or what their golfing hero can't.

    3) Intelligent people who read the first post, know that it must be real because the very first thing I talked about was Risk Control. No "snake oil" salesman is EVER going to talk about the necessity to control risk - because they could care less - they are trying to sell you something.

    Your first clue should have been the time that I spent talking about the importance of the trader to FIRST deal with risk and THEN worry about profits. This should have been a clue to those actually having a clue about trading. Anyone that tries to talk to you about long term successful trading, WITHOUT first talking about controlling risk, is completely out of their natural mind.

    No one in this business will EVER secure long term success in the business of trading, without FIRST learning the lessons of proper Risk Management.

    And, lastly, the intelligent reader saw me talk about putting it all together: Trading System, Trading Strategy and Money Management. How many newbie traders fail to understand the importance of nailing these three giants down, before going off and opening up an account and giving their money to highly competent traders like myself, merely because they got on the wrong side of the trade and NEVER knew how or why they should be integrating their trading system, trading strategy and an effective money management solution that works for THEM and not someone else.

    Clearly, some of you missed the boat on my first post and clearly, this was NOT the place to make such a post about what it took one guy to become highly successful (by his own definition) in the business of currency trading.

    When the lot of you grow-up a bit, let me know and I might post here again.
  2. daybyday


    I was listening and appreciate your insight.
  3. kxvid


    This blurb makes very little sence even by ET standards. :confused:
  4. Standards? What standards?

    The only thing I see in your reply is carelessness and a clueless mindset. You have no idea what you are dealing with here and no way to find out.

    I bet when you trade, you actually care about the direction the market moves, right. Well, once you make the shift from Trader to Money Manager, you will never want to go back, LOL! :cool:

    Trading is boring. Now, managing capital - that's a completely different story. Heck, I don't even feel comfortable calling it "trading" anymore, to tell you the truth. In some ways, it "feels" like it should be illegal.

    I do four of these deals a month and very soon, I will be at the max notational value limit that my trading platform allows which is $50M Euro at 100:1 leverage. After that, if I stick with my current trading platform, I'll have to start entering blocks of $50M. $50M at 100:1 is a lousy $500k USD trade - that's it. That is small, and I plan to do significantly more.

    For now, I'm building my way up to the platform's notational max value per trade. Getting there, is just a matter of time. It is no longer a question of "if" but "when."

    It feels good to be on this side for once in my trading life. :) I've been on the losing end for far too long.

    It is time for some serious retribution - aka - payback.
  5. I've never heard of you, but if you want an honest opinion, your post contains exactly the keywords or phrases that I'd expect from a snake-oil salesman.

    1. Hard early experience/Revelation

    2. Not selling anything/just trying to help

    3. No one understands what I do

    4. Now 'highly successful'
  6. Paraphrasing Feynman:

    "If you can't explain yourself in 3 sentences, you don't know what you're talking about."

    Seriously, who do you think has time to read all that?
  7. you are a truly horrible human being
    you are talking about impossible things
    you are giving so many noobs false sense of hope

    that is why you are evil,


  8. euclid


    I've read your posts and I came away with the following impressions of you.

    1) You don't have a clue.
    2) You want everyone to worship at your feet.

    I don't know whether that was what you intended to convey. I'm just giving you some honest feedback since you seem a bit confused about the reaction you have received.
  9. Yes, but what will you post that we should be so deserving of?
  10. i was happy for you- it sucks that everyone on here just bashes people who actually make money. it is hard for a lot of people (me included) to give out good advice to strangers when that is all that is given back in return. cheers to you for your success and i hope it continues. as for myself i've had 7 losing months in my first 50 months of trading, and two of them were last sept / oct and 3 of them were feb / march / april. so basically my system works well as long as the world isn't ending. i sure hope this sham of a rally can continue- but i digress i started this response to congratulate your successes.

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