wow. look at platinum...

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  1. Look at that. up $80 in 2 trading days...
  2. All metals trying to breakout :), for the short-term at least.
  3. I like both platinum and palladium. The spot prices for platinum bars is 1200 to 1300 an oz. When gold and platinum were in the mid 800' sit cuaght my attention. It is a long term play but this is a good entry point. Platinum is a better choice than gold due the consumtion by auto for the metal.

  4. Interesting. Thanks.

    Does anyone know of any companies that do business in platinum or may hold large inventory of platinum?

    I notice the South African Rand / US Dollar exchange rate chart resembles the platinum futures chart.
  5. ??? Spot platinum is 1000 (60 above spot) at kitco.

    Rhodium is best.