Wow, liberal news people are out in full force this morning.

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  1. "Analysis: GOP contradicts self on Palin family"

    "Attacks, praise stretch truth at GOP convention"

    "Palin has never ordered Alaska National Guard to do anything "

    These headlines are all on front page of yahoo AT THE SAME TIME!! LMAO.

    They're scared.
  2. They've been scared from day one. Common sense says, you ignore a non threat. Obviously, they think of her as a Obama killer. As usual, they came out with their dirty fingernail form of journalism. I think Pitbull Sarah will be able to mobilize the rank and file flyover zone.

    These perverted coast dwellers are killing us. They want to tell us what to think, how to feel, whom to pay and where to go. She may just pull this off.

    I guess, since the other side puts so much faith in speeches, they must have been impressed. She was marvelous.
  3. The radical left is "offended" by her sarcastic remarks. She was too harsh and a real meanie. Finally, FINALLY, someone has told the radical left to stick it up their collective asses. She gets my support on that alone.

  4. No, far from it. It's just business, more political theatre, & more drama to keep the sheep distracted from reality. Palin was a smart choice for sensationalism, the weak & dumb minds fall easy for it, whether they love her or hate her. Just look at that moron flytiger's post.
  5. You've just identified why Obama was chosen. Thanks for pointing it out.
  6. kut2k2


    Obama wasn't chosen, he WON the primaries. Your Veep to Nowhere is about to get her ass handed to her when scandals -- yes, plural -- that get covered up in Alaska are splashed across national and international headlines. You think WE're scared? I've never seen so much whistling past the graveyard by reichtards before. LOL
  7. You sound like a frightened little girl. Keep posting. :D
  8. I saw the speech. I give her credit for making Republican talking points.

    But neither the DNC nor the RNC much affects my opinion because they don't focus much on issues. It's all rah-rah to a base they really don't have to rah-rah to.

    So still waiting for the debates. I can only hope they ask questions about things that matter...
  9. I agree. McCain had proposed town hall meetings with Obama where voters could ask the candidates questions. Of course Obama declined, so we will have to wait for the three national debates.
  10. He was "chosen" four years ago and the affirmative action wheels were greased for his speedy arrival. All the Dem primaries demonstrated was that affirmative action trumps women's rights.
    Scandals for Palin? Maybe, maybe not, but if you're talking about firing some asshole cop, the bridge, the baby... if that's all you have, you lefties are toast.
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