WOW!!!! Last few days have been a scalper's dream come true.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by howardy2k, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. :D
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    All the stocks chasing futures. A specialists dream come true. A scalpers dream if you trade it right. If you are a step slow however you are chopped to death.

    Nice move down in defense today however. That gave me a slightly positive day after commissions.
  3. Is there some point to this post ?
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    You should be used to this by now. Every time someone has a good day or strings a few good days together he feels the need to tell the world, as if anyone but his immediate family cares. I'll have to check back thru prior posts but I suspect, silly me, that howardy2k has never started a thread entitled "WOW!!!! Last few days have been a scalper's nightmare" when he lost some serious coin. :eek:
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    Well, if this is the "bragging" thread, then I have to say that I've had three days in a row with no losses. No homerruns, but some good point gainers, especially considering that I only do this part-time. Of course, it helped that I lost 25% of my initial capital and started to LEARN from experience and stop telling the market what to do, but rather let the market TELL me what its going to do. If a trade is going against me, I just close out my position, take the loss, and look for a good entry in another pullback or stock. So, hopefully its not simply the bull run that we've been having, but also that I've learned from my mistakes.
  6. :( :confused:

    i am going to shut up now :)

  7. LMAO!!:D

    To all my family, I'm having a helluva good time myself:D

  8. What a comment from a so-called "moderator." Big deal, it's tough market for some. Let the guy have some fun. He's rookie obviously.

    I can see one "moderator" who isn't making any money, it's obvious when one shows the need to bring down others with less experience.
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    One man's scalp is another man's chop.

  10. :cool: Well, I just wanted to butt in before the thread took on a Jack Hershey like tone. Just completed my collection of the 30 Hershey volumes this week.
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