Wow, Kuwait does it again. I am impressed

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  1. Kuwait to deport terrorist sympathizers.

    Kuwait plans to deport foreigners who took part in a rally last month to mourn slain Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyah, the interior minister said yesterday. "We will deport any foreigner who took part in the mourning rally. This is a decision we will implement and we will not back down," Sheikh Jaber Khaled Al-Sabah told Al-Watan newspaper. He did not say how many people will be deported or if the ministry has begun rounding up suspects.

    The rally, in which hundreds of Shiite activists including Kuwaitis, Bahrainis, Lebanese and Iranians took part, caused uproar in the state because Mughniyah was accused of hijacking a Kuwaiti plane two decades ago. Reactions to the protest have taken a sectarian turn in Kuwait, where a third of the native population of one million are Shiites.

    Two Kuwaiti lawmakers who attended the rally, Adnan Abdulsamad and Ahmad Lari, and a number of leading Shiite activists are being sued by four lawyers and the interior minister in connection with the protest. Three leading activists have been remanded in custody and are being questioned on suspicion of belonging to "Hezbollah Kuwait", a previously unknown organisation.

    The prosecution service also plans to interrogate others including former MPs and a member in the municipal council on the same charges. Abdulsamad and Lari cannot be interrogated unless the National Assembly strips them of their immunity, however. Mughniyah, who was killed last month by a car bomb in Damascus, was described at the rally as a "martyr hero", but Kuwait says he was responsible for killing two Kuwaiti passengers on a hijacked plane in 1988.

    I guess we all have a thing or two to learn from them. Israel is terrified to deal with its fifth column, so are the Europeans, illegals are allowed to demonstrate in this country...

  2. Though I like the idea, the United State's fifth column is far to vast to deport, at this moment it involves much of the executive branch, nearly all of the congress, the majority of the senate, and all viable presidental candidates. Too bad for America.
  3. Kuwaiti paper denounces yeshiva attack

    "The attack at the yeshiva was a barbaric murder of eight children who were engaged in religious study," read an op-ed in the daily Al-Watan. "This odious and inhuman terror attack exemplifies the extremist and inhuman path of the terror organizations Hamas and Hizbullah."

    Contrasting the terror attack with the IDF's operations in the Gaza Strip, the writer explains that "there is no link between a murderous terrorist act and the inadvertent killing of civilians in response to the firing of rockets by Hamas."

    The piece presented a stark contrast to the main current in the Arab press, which presented almost sweeping praise for the "heroic operation."

    Bravo Kuwait!!!