Wow, Jews are Stingy!

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    “On CNN, Wolf Blitzer was beside himself with rage over the fact that the US government had failed to keep all these things secret from him… Then – like the Good Journalist he is – Blitzer demanded assurances that the Government has taken the necessary steps to prevent him, the media generally and the citizenry from finding out any more secrets: ‘Do we know yet if they’ve [done] that fix? In other words, somebody right now who has top secret or secret security clearance can no longer download information onto a CD or a thumb drive? Has that been fixed already?’ The central concern of Blitzer – one of our nation’s most honored ‘journalists’ – is making sure that nobody learns what the US Government is up to.”

  2. I bet you the average American Jew is <b>more likely</b> to be an Assange sympathizer than the general public, how about that.

    Just like the U.S. government, you really should figure out who your enemies really are first, before you attack anyone.
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    Tom B

    Walter, not counting today, how long have you been a Nazi?
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    What's with guys like Huckabee, claiming Christianity as his religion, calling for an assassination? He reminds me of that blowhard from Texas, can't even recall his name, has a Mega-Church and a tv show... advising we nuke Iran...

    I say Kudos to Wikileaks! They took down Hillary for real, her career is over... not that anything really surprising was discovered but apparently being discovered is the worst thing, not the "crime" of using embassies for spying [What next, we use our embassies for spying? We're supposed to be surprised at that?]
  5. What is the opposite of "The Truth will set you free?" And what are its implications?

    Wheres all the founding fathers bullshit now?
  6. Yep, the guy who called Catholic Church a great whore..

    wasn't he also a huge Israel supporter?

    (great example of Jews infiltrating right wing organizations)
  7. Don't look under your bed, Walter. We've covertly planted a sneaky Jew there too.
  8. ==========================
    Agree,, on Hillary's career over,nickname eight/walter 4.

    Not sure what Walter4 title insult against Jews means??

    Perhaps Gov Huckabee, [as FOX news names him,Gov... Huckabee:D ] agrees with the LORD drowning the King of Egypt in the Red sea/drowning the mega-Egyptian army in the Red sea.
    same principle.

    If you didn't read the book, did you see that mega- Movie;
    10 commandments????:cool:
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    It's ironic that finance and banking were once considered contemptible occupations and were given to the jews to perform.
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