Wow, I've Never Seen So Many 'Trading' Systems & Seminars Advertised on TV

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  1. Not even close to this many - and not just on financial channels, but on weekends during the day on cable channels and major networks, too (NBC, ABC, CBS).

    There's one that' constantly being advertised during the day and at night on Fox and ABC which has Jimmy Johnson as a spokesman.

    Americans must really be hurting because they wouldn't do these big ad purchases for infomercials unless people were buying CDs and Software containing alleged 'fail proof' programs and systems to daytrading profitability.

    I think this is a bearish sign for equity markets.
  2. Agreed.
  3. Promoters see opportunity.

    They see tough times and the effect it is having on people.

    They see that folks are willing to take chances because they need to make money. Some have lost jobs or have fallen on bad times associated with the decline in property values.

    So as with previous hard times, you have folks offering dreams of success to those who want and need something to grab onto.

    Our basic human nature won't be changing soon (on either side).
  4. These marketing snakes surface every now and then to scam folks.
    They have gravitated from real estate to T/A trading systems and the Lure of "Making Millions" in the stock market.
    I've seen over the years all the so called trading experts run these T/A trading scams. Can you learn some T/A from them? Sure. Can the average joe or jane make millions? Not Likely.
    You put together a T/A course and you get suckers that are clueless lining up.

    If ANYONE is ever going to make it as a trader they better be capable of SELF educating themselves and have that skill to start with or they're doomed from the get go. People that are too lazy or stupid or need a mentor as a crutch just won't ever cut it.

    My advice to anyone considering trading as a vocation.....avoid any Trading courses...start with the book below.....
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    mmm, lets see, bottom hit in Mar-Markets up 6 to 7 wks.. Now sideways. What better time to hype your product with recent data....

    Same thing I noticed with Real Estate... Plenty of get rich quick programs now that the housing is out of favor (except speculative foreclosures)… Little info when things were running great.

    So when the commercials slow down maybe its time to get back into Real Estate..

    my 2 cents..
  6. Whatever happened to that ridiculously stupid 'Gorilla Trades' program?

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    20/20 did a special a couple months ago about a company who charges people around $150-$200 to learn how to "process rebates" from home. The company claims that if you purchase their program and devote as little as 5-10 hours per week, you can "potentially" make 6 figures/year. 20/20 revealed that it was a scam, however the company still exists and is still scamming people left and right.

    Makes you wonder what it'll take for the vast majority of Americans to wise up.....
  8. Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach.

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    Yeah I love those infomercials on Sat or Sun mornings, all showing Florida golf course homes, boats, motorcycles, and other aspects of "the good life." Every now and then I'll stop and watch them, just for a yukk or two.

    "Red light, sell. Green light, buy. It's that easy!"

    "Live the good life for only an hour a day."

    "Jane made $10,000 her first month working only 3 hours a day"

    "Make money in any market!"

    "Profit from any company's earnings!" [1]

    Yeah, i definately feel these firms are preying on the newbies or folks who think trading is a get-rich-quick process trading stocks and options. Takes a ton of time, effort, research, and common-sense to be a decent, let alone highly-profitable trader or investor....and I don't think these ads show that -- and as we saw in the subprime fiasco, the average person simply wants a Get Me Rich Now "system."

    [1] I love this one - go buy an ATM strangle on a stock right before earnings, and PROFIT! *cough* I wonder how much these folks talk about the greeks or inflated premiums, let alone risk management?
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