Wow! IB Screwed up again!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by polpolik, May 11, 2006.

  1. I bought 2 EUR futures and I couldn't do anything because it's showing as 0 position but the order went through. geez.
  2. nice appealin' thread title; expect tons of replies from ib reps.
  3. im sure they read it but whether they replied to it or not really doesn't help. all they'll say is call tech support which is closed in the US and i'll have to deal with imbeciles on their online chat or call long distance.
  4. Hamlet


    So you have a problem requiring real-time assistance, and you come to an internet message board while balking at the phone or IM customer service.

    You sound as dumb as they come. No wonder 98% fail.
  5. you're so smart but i think if you actually took your eyes out of your ass and read, I'm merely posting out of frustration.

    Did you ever see me ask for assistance?

    well, i think u should grow a brain first then worry about making a buck in this market. trust me, having a brain will work out for you in the long run.
  6. so, why did u start this thread in da first place anyways...whinin'[?]

    see previous reply
  7. yes, pretty much just whining.

    There were threads of IB down again, this service sucks blah blah. Don't you think those guys should be calling the customer service of the broker? EXACTLY.
  8. almost all those who were complainin' in da ib down thread [includin' me] recieved assistance; obviously all those startin' ridicolous threads like this went nowhere fast, what a surprise.
  9. Hamlet


    Yep, I read your frustrated post. Maybe I got it wrong then. You are just here looking for some friendly compassion from internet strangers for your two-lot trade that you won't resolve by calling customer service. Ok....I feel your pain.
  10. balda


    You should worry weather it is pink, red or bordeaux that is what I learned from other threads. ET really is helpfully.

    ..... I had a lot of bordeaux colours, more than I need.
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