wow,i just discovered how to make big $$$

Discussion in 'Forex' started by mr double, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. watching all these interest positive pairs with jpy i see that every time they drop,traders bid price back to the same level as before,so..
    if i double every 100 pips on a way down,than sure way at some point i am going to reap nice profit,getting juicy % while waiting
  2. Could you be specific or offer examples?
  3. buy 1 lot gbp/jpy or any high % pair at market
    it drops 100 pips ,buy 2 lots
    drops again 100 pips buy 4 lots
    continue till you see profit
  4. Well you certainly have the right "handle" for this strategy :D
  5. double or nothing
  6. rookie:D
  7. LOL........wish you luck on your system. It would personally wipe me out. You a very brave person........................
  8. You obviously did not see the Japanese move of 15% in two days without a retrace.

    Bye bye, thank you for donating
  9. The same people gravitate towards the same strategies. They don't just want money, they want easy money.

    But hey you never know, yen might be starting a multi-year move lower, making you look like a total genius for the duration. And let's face it, the name of the game isn't to make money forever, you can get away with, even succeed wildly, just being lucky for awhile. But only if you know when to walk away.
  10. thats brilliant.
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