Wow. I found 2 gems of a stock.

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  2. INAP has been a great performer for me...and much more for the future.
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  4. China Unicom will be a nice buy and holder in the new year. The China syndrome will probably continue for a while even if there is a recession.

    China U. has a dividend to boot and some ok financials.
  5. Someone throw up some momos and china plays. Im looking up the words china and asia in the symbols directory. Dont be afraid, throw em up here and dont let me find them first.
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    what is momos?
  7. CNTF looks like a good trading stock. SNP you can place that one in the buy&holder bin, probably a good long term hold with a divy to boot.

    There were lots more, but these were the most entertaining ones. Its interesting that everything with "China" in its name doesnt pull the efut routine.

    CNTF - China Techfaith Wire
    CHINA - CDC Corp
    China Petro - SNP
    China Med Tech - CMED
    Asia Info - ASIA
  8. stocks that MOVE....


  9. CHA - China Telecom
  10. Here is an ad by China Telecom - pretty funny if you weren't an American...
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