Wow GE approaching junkbond yields and pe under 13

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  1. Talk about being punished, S&P still at P/E range of 17 and GE trading 4 points under.

    The 11th will be interesting as heck.

    Me, I will keep taking positions on GE on the heavy dips and add GE to my longterm portfolio.

    28-28.5 by the end of the 11th

    Mean time, I feel GE is a good play at current pricepoints, especially under 27
  2. I have to agree. GE is the only stock I own(not much as I am a trader).

    With a yield of over 4% and its leadership is top notch.

    We may not be at the dead bottom but we are close IMHO. Even if it doesn't move up you still collect the dividend.
  3. Stock is a total slug.

    If you make any money off it, it will take a decade off your life.
  4. In all honesty, I hope GE sticks at 28 and under for 12 months, My dividend payouts will load up lots of GE passively.

    Nice thing about good dividend companies is during bear markets your money is not sitting there like dead weight your dividends will engorge your position and When this bear market ends, GE will pop up like an early morning boner.
  5. how long have you been owning it?
  6. Not too long,couple of weeks. I have been buying positions on dips, I now own a nice position on GE I like to dollar cost average and added two large blocks last thursday and friday.

    GE will stay on my longterm non active trading portfolio.

    GE is poised to do well the next 10 years compared to the last, they are poised for the new cap and trade coming down,wind energy,nuclear,infrastructure in emerging countries. They are strong in China Africa/Middle east. Good R&D portfolio, GECS is taking the licks but I like GECS and it gives them access to capital for big infrastructure plays.

    Overall GE is oversold in my opinion and eventually pricing will correct to norms.

    Looked, got 12K shares of GE right now. I am done with my buying of GE shares though. Dividend reinvestment will do the rest for me.
  7. good's certainly not a terrible time to look to average into GE now. the dividend yield play on GE is getting somewhat ridiculous compared to historic yields. if it did hit 5% i would certainly be looking to try to average into a trade if there was no other negative news. or if they came out and said they felt comfortable raising the dividend, even if it was only a penny a quarter, then that could represent a nice trade as well.
  8. It has been awhile since i looked at this slug's price. looks like quite a deal
  9. if they are at 5%, i doubt they will be raising unless yields really start to increase. i think they still have GE Capital or some other financing arm and CF will likely be required in that area. i put GE in my kids IRAs; they have 48 and 46 years respectively until retirement age.
  10. sorry if i wasn't too clear. i was looking at GE from 2 possible trade perspectives based on the yield. the first being to look to buy if GE ever got down to 5% yield. that price would be just below 25. the 2nd idea for a possible trade would be to look to buy IF (not saying it's a likely possibility) they raised the div amount thus signaling an all clear from GE if they feel comfortable raising the div.
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