WOW..First Neil Bush & Now McCain's Son

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  2. "starting in February but resigned in July".

    Unless you're suggesting this institution didn't start making troubled loans until THIS year-not a substansive story.

    Certainly less juicy than this one from last weekends Washington Post:

    The son and a brother of Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) are accused in two lawsuits of defrauding a former business partner and an investor of millions of dollars in a hedge fund deal that went sour, court records show.

    The Democratic vice presidential candidate's son Hunter, 38, and brother James, 59, assert instead that their former partner defrauded them by misrepresenting his experience in the hedge fund industry and recommending that they hire a lawyer with felony convictions.

    Hunter Biden was made president with an annual salary of $1.2 million, despite his inexperience in the hedge fund industry, the lawsuit said. Before that, he had been part of the Washington law firm Oldaker, Biden & Belair, which earned $1.76 million in lobbying revenue in the first half of 2006, according to Congressional Quarterly's CQ MoneyLine
  3. Do you have ANYTHING to post that actually is RELATED to the presidential and VP candidates?

    NOPE, not a fucking thing.

    You're like your hero Coutler.

    You keep on posting tangential bullshit and hope some of it sticks.

  4. I agree with you, Pabst, that given his short, short tenure as the financial auditor of all loans with this bank that he probably saw that something was wrong with the books and resigned.

    As for the other article I doubt that anyone would hire a staff member for $1.2 million without extensive background checks so that strikes me as ridiculous.

    But I also agree with the other poster that none of this has to do with the presidential candidates -- the very idea that Biden's son even working for a law firm that also does lobbying somehow makes him guilty of something seems misleading.
  5. Biden's son is a lobbyist. Himself. Not just "working for a law firm that also does lobbying."

    And yes Dave it's not the isolated actions of a son-ala' Neil Bush-but how they directly relate to the legislative agenda of Joe Biden.

  6. Thank's for the rep!!