Wow, fade this opening..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Div_Arb, Apr 20, 2007.

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    Exhaustion has got to be near. Don't those Pristone guys call this an "Amateur Gap"?
  2. wow - just write me a check now. please make it out to "QuantumQ Advisors, LLC."

  3. the market look very powerfull 3witching day
  4. S2007S



    they are going to 13,000 today


  5. yea could be possible
    or could be a deadly sell off also let see wht the fuck the market is going on
  6. S2007S


    Now if this market turns red I would watch out, but the chance of that happening is 0%%%%.
  7. I would like to hear from the OP - it's 11 minutes into the session and you have already been owned and stopped out.

    Worst Call Ever.

    (worse then thorny! :D )
  8. a gap up is a gap up

    Short at your own peril

    the markets will continue to make 52 week highs
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    What for? You are obviously not too busy trading!!

  10. We are a quant group - our programs trade for us.

    Frees my time to post to ET, Slashdot and scour the digitalpoint forums. :D :D
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