WOW...EST "Eastern Standard Time" BEST timezone to trade in...WOW!

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  1. WOW...just got back to CST "Central Standard Time"...was in the EST "Eastern Standard Time" for about 10 days...WOW...great to trade in EST...why?...all the pre-market time to evaluate before open at 9:30AM EST...anyone agree?
  2. Corey


    Couldn't you could just wake up earlier? :confused:
  3. No. The Eastern Time Zone smells of urine.
  4. MattF


    don't forget the PST people "just waking up" at noon...:p
  5. Nope. Best to trade from out West. When the markets close (1:00 PM PST), you have the rest of the day to play golf, hit the beach, work out, hike the mountains or do whatever other non-trading activity suits you. Best to have 'balance' in life Danial-san.

    - Spydertrader
  6. I wake up extremely early...but after all the pre-lims and get to office...I'd like the extra hour before a 9:30am open instead of 8:30am...
  7. syrre


    You should come to Europe then if you like to prepare alot. 5-6 hrs more infront compared to EST.
  8. AZTrades


    In the Holy Land, it is Eastern +7. I work from 4:30pm to 11:15pm. It's nice having the days free. But "dinner out" means lunch. Usually a better price, though!

    Good night,
  9. best trading times are?...what do you think during regular market hours?...I.E..opening, closing, lunch?..

  10. You weren't trading Eastern Standard Time anyway --- you were trading Eastern Daylight Savings Time or Eastern Daylight Time.

    But I'd hate to have to get up early too. I changed markets until I found one that started at 11:45am and let me finish at 6pm.
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